Burpham & Wepham Village
West Sussex

​​​Revitalising the village playground

Following a village meeting at the village hall on 10th March 2018 it was agreed that the very old playground and its equipment be revitalised with the ambition of providing an exciting playground for village children, grandchildren and visitors to the village.

We conducted a community survey and received enthusiastic and informative responses from 63 people and the results (thanks Tom Tuppen) are published here

We produced an outline specification based on feedback, and commissioned 5 suppliers to quote. We have received input from 4 suppliers, and we're awaiting a 5th.  The designs will be available in the Village Hall on 29th June from 7-9 p.m. for everyone to come and have a look and provide comments.   We do expect to provide comment back to the suppliers to reduce costs and increase play value, and of course things will change once we start to get permissions from local authorities and Historic England. 

We are very aware that we wish to save costs by retaining existing play equipment, but the council assessment of today is that the bearings have gone on the roundabout, and the base plate on the slide is badly corroded, so both need replacing, as well as the fence. 

Fund-raising has started

We have just started to fund-raise on several fronts. 

We have opened a crowd-funding site , until end-September because this is a route to collection from a wide range of people, as well as being the route to obtain a West Sussex County Council grant.  This site asks for only  a portion of the total costs, because we wanted to be sure to hit the overall target.  If you wish to make a pledge, please feel free to do so on this site. Funds are only taken once the full target is reached.  We've already had some donations, so keep them coming!  The site has a couple of examples of the playground designs submitted by suppliers to date. 

 You can help by 'liking' and sharing the project on Facebook or emailing friends who have left the village. We have been bowled over by support from people who played here as children and who have fond memories,  even though they no longer live here. 

Val Belton has also applied for grants from GLL and Esmee Fairbarn Foundation, both of which support recreation in open spaces.  We will also apply for National Lottery funds. 

The Burpham Village Hall and recreation ground charity will be making a substantial contribution from existing funds as part of our remit to provide social amenities within the Villages. 

In the interim we are asking village residents from Wepham and Burpham and Warningcamp to give time and enthusiasm to the  Friends of the Play Park (FOPP), so that this becomes  a truly communal project. 

If you have comments or thoughts and would like to contact us then please email