Burpham and Wepham

A South Downs Community

Planning policies

Burpham and Wepham fall within the planning policies of the SDNP

  • The Local Plan is the overarching consulation document about the management of the South Downs
  • The Partnership plan 2014-2019 (download)  and link to review indicates how aspects of the Local plan will be implemented
  • This document lists potential housing allocations within rural hamlets inthe South Downs National Park.  

Arun District Council has a Local Plan which looks at  all areas of the Arun district with the exception of those in the National Park, which are managed by the SDNP. They are, of course, interconnected as regards infrastructure.  A number of parishes both within the SDNP and outside it have created Neighbourhood plans
This link shows all the housing allocations in the Arun District under consideration (excluding the SDNP).   Guidance notes are here

Of these, one of the most impactful to Burpham and Wepham are the changing character of the Arun valley due to climate change and increased risk of flooding.  These links supply background information

  • The Lower Tidal river Arun Strategy report, which indicates that the flood defences between Houghton and Arundel will no longer be maintained centrally (other than bridges) , but will have to be maintained by riparian owner if they wish to prevent flooding
  • West Sussex response to this strategy. Note that withdrawing maintenance to the Arun valley, while increasing Arundel flood defences, is thought to affect the southern end Burpham Road C205, and this will be a point of consultation. Local funding will be available through ' Operation watershed
  • However, clean water is abstracted by Southern Water near Burpham, and this has its own challenges for the future.  You can look at Southern Water's plans here. 
  • The Arun Valley Vision group is an interest group of local business and landowners which is developing a community-led vision for the Arun valley. 

The A27

 Burpham and Wepham are covered by the South Downs National Park Local Plan at present. 

Highways England has been considering the A27 bypass for some years now, and announced a preferred route in May 2018.  Since then, however, further information has come to light which has led to a further round of consultation. 

Lyminster Bypass

Planning proposals for the Lyminster bypass have just been published.   The bypass will link the existing A284
Lyminster Road from a point approximately 600m south of the A27 Crossbush junction, and creat a new 1.1km highway which links to a  privately developed section of the same proposed bypass at Toddington and Holland Nurseries.  The overall exit point is to the east of Littlehampton near the Academy.   The Visualisations pdf gives a visual overview.