Burpham & Wepham Village
West Sussex

Church Photographic Exhibition 

Our Village in Pictures 

Our August ‘festival weekend’ to mark the Patronal Feast Day of our church, St Mary the Virgin is also taking shape. We are very fortunate that our local expert photographer Steve Penticost has offered to mastermind a photographic exhibition in church, and the best images will be considered for a forthcoming village calendar which will be part of the village playground group’s fundraising activities. 

What do you need to do?

The first thing to do is get snapping!  You can use a camera or camera phone and Steve has outlined some helpful tips for those worried that they can't take pictures.

Anyone can take a good picture and this is your chance to show you can. So here are a few tips to help you along. 

What should I Photograph?

The theme is `Our Village' and this can cover everything that happens in the area. We are surrounded by beautiful countryside full of wild flowers and dramatic scenery. Think castle in the mist, the majestic River Arun and all the associted wildlife that you can find there. One important tip, great landscape pictures are best taken either early or late when the light is more dramatic. Currently our fields are full of lambs which are always cute! plus as we speak the woods are full of bluebells and other fabulous wild flowers. Don't be afraid to get different angles such as low down or high up. Close ups are often very special.

Don't forget people, especially your own family. They could be at home or working in the garden the opportunities are endless. Have a Dog or Cat? don't forget them they are are always up for a picture.

Village functions are also a good photo opportunity so take your camera along when watching the cricket or stoolball or at one of the village functions. 

Who can enter?

Anyone! The exhibition is open to all and this includes all you youngsters out there. Already have a great picture then that's great. Send these as well. 

How to send Steve your pictures.

Try and use the best quaity setting on your camera/phone. Shoot a JPEG image (usually the default setting on cameras and phones) and then email them to steve using the village email:   burphamandwepham@gmail.com The deadline for entry is 1st August 2018 so get shooting.

Village Calendar

As part of our fundraising efforts for the new Village Playground the best images will also play a part in the 2019 village calendar. So after the deadline for the Church exhibition ends, keep shooting. The final deadline for the calendar is 1st November 2018.